London Matters 2020

The London Matters report explores the growth of the London Market between 2013 and 2018. London Market business can be primarily broken down by the business written (core), managed, and brokered in London. Please use the interactive visualisations in the next two views to segment London Market business by Cohort as well as by Geographic Region and Line of Business.

The Total London Market consists of four cohorts – Lloyd’s, London Company Market (IUA), Brokers, and P&I Clubs. Please use the interactive visualisation to explore how each Cohort has performed over the time period of 2013 to 2018.

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The Core London Market is defined as London based P&I Clubs, London Company Market (IUA) written in London, and all Lloyd’s (including overseas business). This is the richest dataset and can be split by Cohort, Geographic Region, and Line of Business.

Reinsurance includes Facultative and Treaty premium for all lines of business except for Aviation, Energy and Marine. In this regard, Aviation, Energy and Marine Facultative reinsurance premium is allocated to these classes’ Insurance premium.

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The London Matters interactive dashboard was built by the Lloyd's Insights Hub .